Camaro Strut Tower Brace

Our new Chevy Camaro strut tower brace is ready to ship! Unlike other braces, this fits V6 & V8’s, ALL model years 2010+ and is designed so the brace can later be removed without having to drop the struts. Simply drill 3 holes in each tower, slide in our retainer plate and bolt it down. CNC cut brackets are fully TIG welded to the dual 10ga. steel tubes. No cheap plastic here – Fully CNC machined caps with built in O-rings finish off the look. Tighten up your suspension & make it look even better at the same time. Braces come powdercoated gloss black standard, or available in raw form to be color matched.

Normally $329 but for a limited time we are offering them for $299. You can order them here

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  1. Brent says:

    I was always on the fence about things like this and then a few friends told me they do make some difference. Well having to deal with Halo on another part that i thought was very well crafted, I deceided to buy there strutt tower brace. It is clearly, in my eyes, and because i drive the car everyday, one of the best mods i have put on my car. I have not done a lot of performance but this is one that you should do especially with there bar. I drive it hard and like i stole it, and when on the turns you can really feel the stiffness of the car is a lot tighter then with out. CHEERS to you guys on this one. 2 thumbs up. (note) Halo might not be as big as some other performance part companies but they bagged this one. its not always about the name.

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