iSleeve now available

That’s right, our iSleeve for Ipad 1 & 2 is in production and we are now taking orders. Get yours here


  1. R/T says:

    What’s the price tag??

  2. R/T says:

    I’ll need to put in a request immediately lol

  3. JERKDOGG says:

    Do you have anymore pics of the install from the side with it open and closed? I would like to see the contours of the isleeve-thanks.

    • admin says:

      You can see pics on our parts page here. It is completely flat, no contour at all. Being aluminum you can use filler, bondo, fiberglass, etc.. to easily shape it to match your application.

  4. Joe says:

    When will u have theses in stock

    • admin says:

      They are made to order. Once you place your order, we will get it started. Average turn around time is 1 week.